Miller’s Scion Casino Night…..Part II



Only a little over a month away, we are busy getting ready for Casino Night.  Last year it was held at our New Car sales building.  This year we have decided to have it at our Used Car building at 8500 Sudley Road.    There is more room and much more parking.  It’s only about two blocks from our New Car building.




Just look for the SR-UUV (Scion Racing Urban Utility Vehicle), which will be parked in front of the building.  This  is a unique activation truck featuring two canopies on either side of the truck, full audio, two Plasma TVs with stands, iPod (music and videos), one Blue-Ray DVD player, tables and covers, LED lighting, and Scion Racing GOBO.  There will be tons of swag given out.


The event is from 6 PM until 9 PM. 

Please pre-register, we need a head count to make sure we have plenty of everything to go around.  Can’t wait to see everyone!! :)

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