How Pilots Should Talk



  1. Yep...that's a lot more comforting than "Your flight's been delayed due to not having a weather certified pilot for this flight'...gee, I thought they were all 'weather qualified'...silly me.

  2. One of my best friends is a pilot for BA, I'll have to show him this! He was a fighter pilot in the RAF before that, so I'm sure he'll enjoy it!

  3. I have a hard time getting blogs to load, I think it might be the pictures. anyway, I started loading your this morning and it 12:45 and still not completely loaded.

    I have read almost all the words tho ! and from what i can gather you ... have a very good son, carry a cool gun, keep an interesting collection in your heater vents, think a lot about the fate of poor evil-tyson chicks, cook delicious looking ribs in a weird pod device and gamble at the casino nights. Definitely an interesting person :) :) :)

  4., thanks for stopping by. Sorry about the slow down. :(


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