After all this rain, I’m seeing a ton of mushrooms on the grounds.  This are some that I saw on my walk this morning…




…..and what are these???  They all slimy when I pull them out.  The stems remind me of cooked German macaroni…


My sweet peas already came up…


….and here are some tomatoes…



I can’t wait until I can eat some of these goodies.  I bought some non-gmo sesame salad dressing for the time that I can have my first home grown salad.   

I stopped by Burnside Farm last night after getting off of work.  Bought a few more plants and some more honey.  I’m now planting on the straw that’s stacked up behind my trailer, since I’ve run out of room on the front. 

Guy, I found out that Burnside Farm uses NO pesticides or antibiotics on their bees. :) 


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