Tidying up the yard a bit

Remember these valances?  I was about ready to put them in the trash, but changed my mind.


I’ll screw the pieces together when I get a chance and fill them up with dirt.  Keeps me from buying anything. :)


Removed some of the straw from around the trailer and removed the straw from the walk area so that the ground could dry up and some grass might grow.


It’s a good thing that I have these very short people holding up my trailer.


CIMG6469 I put those two tables by the door so that I’ll have something to put my planting stuff on this Sunday.  I really don’t want to do that inside if I can do it outdoors.



It’s so beautiful and peaceful out here today….I hate to leave to go to work!!  I’ve got all the windows, ceiling vents and door open and I’m loving it!!


  1. LOL @ your short people! Sure glad you have some help there!

  2. Looks like a lovely day there!

    I could do with some short people like that too! :D

  3. SciFiChick.....I can't get two of them to put their pants on. They're always mooning me.

    Joey....Yes, it is nice. Pitty that I am now at work indoors until it gets dark. I'd much rather be at home gettting dirty working in the yard.

  4. Ms Tango,

    You need a mud porch like the one I have-- it works wonders keeping the mud outside where it belongs.

  5. Andy....what's a mud porch? ....and how have you been?

  6. Like your cute little short people. Hope you have a beautiful weekend too. Sheila

  7. Sheila...I intend to. Got lots to do. You have a great weekend too :)

  8. Mud porch---


  9. Andy...I see :) Mine is a smaller cheaper version of yours.

  10. Who would have thought that only a few short weeks ago that ground was covered in deep snow?

    Hope you are well T and that you have an awesome Easter.

  11. Gypsy...no kidding. I thought everything was dead under there...but no...spring has finally sprung.
    Had a great holiday and hope that yours was too :)


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