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Last night I stopped by T-Jay’s to pick up my Sony laptop after he finished transferring all his stuff to the now super squeaky clean Ms Dell desktop.

When I got home I started to get prepared to reformat the laptop.  Knowing that it didn’t come with a recovery disk, I dreaded it.  I figured it would take me most of today to whip her back into shape going to the Sony site to download tons of files and then installing them.

I googled my issue and found that all I had to do is press F10 while the laptop starts up, to get to the recovery file and from there it would restore the laptop to factory default settings.  What a relief!!!   I needed some news that would make me smile this morning. :)

It’s been raining here since last night and is supposed to continue through Tuesday.  Many days of doom and gloom.  Guy….you’re welcome to come over. :)  This should be right up your alley!

I have two car chases in Woodbridge today.  I’ll wait to time it with going to work at Miller’s late this afternoon to save on gas.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook yesterday…warning, turn down the sound because the man is REALLY pissed off!

Then Leslie posted this on her Facebook…

Thanks for the laughs you two.  :)  I needed that!!!


  1. I can't see videos on my computer, damn!

  2. Joe...never ever? Why? Aren't you at home?

  3. Yeah I am, but my computer is an old mac, I can only see them on my partners laptop!

  4. Joe....that's too bad. Maybe it's time to upgrade?

  5. Gee that guy in the first clip is a real charmer isn't he?

    I wasn't feeling down when I watched the second one but now I do because I feel totally inadequate....LOL.

    Hope that rain eases up soon as that's just miserable.

  6. Gypsy... I know what you mean. My pussy is bigger than my boob.
    Rain, rain, end until maybe tomorrow, but the snow is almost gone. :)


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