FarmVille 114 miles


I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this for all the Facebook FarmVille players :)

I had great timing yesterday.  Finished my  car chases.    Filled the Evil Twin up with fuel.  Got the propane tank filled and back home, thanks to Kenny for carrying that heavy sucker…..and then it started to snow.  I went to Millers and stayed until 8:20….. we closed up early. 

LOL….Jaime’s crazy looking boot prints in the parking lot.


By the time I left Millers, the snow was really coming down.


Driving home was pretty scary because the snow was really piling up making it just about impossible to see where the lanes were.  There was hardly any traffic, so at times I wasn’t even sure that I was ON the road.  I don’t think I ever made it over 35 mph.  Already there was one car in the ditch.  I don’t understand why people are not super careful when it gets like this.  By the time you realize that you’re losing control on the snow and ice, unless you’re a very experienced driver, it is usually too late.

This morning the phone woke me up.  It was the company that we do the snow removal for calling at 5 AM to let me know to send Ruben and his crew out to Centreville.  Naturally I couldn’t go back to sleep.  So I tackled the blow dryer.


It had about 4 years of dirt inside.  No wonder it was acting stupid.


I carefully put it back together after cleaning it.  Crossed my fingers, plugged it in and it works just fine.  So, again I have a spare. :)

I had a beautiful view out of my kitchen window this morning…


More snow on Friday and Saturday.  I’m really ready for spring.

Well time to hit the shower.  My doctor’s appointment is at 2 PM.

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