Pimp That Prius

This is the first pimped Prius I’ve ever seen…






The man was trying to trade it in and get a new one.

Today we are expecting winds, 14 to 23 mph, with gusts as high as 46 mph.  I guess I’ll wear my pink long johns to keep warm.  Time to get ready to go to work and it feels like I just left there.

I hope everyone keeps warm and has a great Saturday.  I’m hoping that we are busy so that this days flies by. :)


  1. Guy....I knew you would say that :)

  2. This spring, I think we should have a party and apply the Flower Power vinyls I bought for my Prius! Your homies would do a good job, I know it!

  3. Teri...sounds good to me! Soon as it warms up a bit. :)

  4. I thought my zebra jeep was a bit tacky but seeing that car, I've changed me mind. :D

  5. Pink longjohns? Tango, you've got to tell me where you found them. They'd go great with my winter boots :-)

  6. Sue.....lol...yes they would. I found them at a Family Dollar store. Funny, it was the only color they had. :)


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