Firefox Acting Weird This Morning

I have been so happy with Firefox, but this morning it was having issues.  It wouldn’t open up.  When it did open, the looks of it were different.  Fonts were small.  The first window that opened was TINY and on the wrong screen.  Tabs opened in a new window instead of the same.  First I thought it might have something to do with Windows Patch Tuesday, but when I restarted, I still had the same issues.  I’m running Malwarebytes again which seemed to have fixed the issues I had the other day.  I hate/love computers!!!
The wind died down considerable last night which made a world of difference in keeping my place warm.  We are expecting snow flurries today and Thursday.  I wish I could send Gypsy some.  They’re burning up down there.
Last night was the end of the month for Toyota and I didn’t get home until 11 PM.  Our last customer left at 10:30.  The Evil Twin was toasty warm since I thought we were closing a little after 9 and I had turned her on to warm her up.  Then I got busy and forgot all about her.  LOL…usually I’m freezing for the first 5-6 miles…not this time, not after an hour and a half of idling with the heater on full blast. 
T-Jay brought me some spaghetti from his house.  It was awesome and kept me from having to cook something.  I was starving when I got in.
I’m really happy for T-Jay, all his hard work is starting to finally pay  off.  Two of his beats made it to an artists project.  I know most of you aren’t interested in Hip Hop, but it’s really interesting how it all works.  From creating the beat to being picked up by an artist to use as music for an album.   The whole process starts in a little corner of T-Jay’s  room.
Malwarebytes has been running for over an hour and nothing was found.  Maybe it’s Patch Tuesday after all?
Since the wind has died down some, I guess I’ll get that empty propane tank filled while I’m out and about.  I always feel better when I have a spare full tank on hand.  My little electric heater is starting to act up so I tried to find an energy efficient replacement.  Of course there is no such thing in these parts and I had to order one online.  It’s the Bionaire Tower with Eco-Smart Technology…


Hopefully it will get here in time before the old one totally peters out on me.

Malwarebytes didn’t find anything.  Time to run CCleaner.  I deleted some programs which I didn’t like or just didn’t use.  Cleaned out my start ups that run as soon as my computer is turned on.



Now Spybot Search & Destroy to see if I have picked up something somewhere.


Back to CCleaner to clean out any left over junk files.

Now Disk Cleanup. 


I take it a step further than the default windows cleanup by typing in cleanmgr/sageset:99 in the Command Prompt window.  It gives me a ton of other files to cleanup that usually get omitted.


Well, shit…that’s didn’t turn out too well.

Now time to defrag. 

I’ll see tomorrow if it did me any good. :)


  1. can you come to my house after you get done cleaning your computer?

    i don't understand half of what you said but i think i need it.


  2. selkie....Ha, I don't even know if it did any good yet. No worries, wait until I copy and paste what Terry wrote on Facebook to help me out.

  3. Donna...yes, I know. I should really try it again, but I'm so used to Firefox and I really like it....when it works. :)

  4. I didn't understand what you said either except CC cleaner and defrag. The rest of it just went clean over my head.

    You are so sweet to think of me Tango. Wouldn't it be great if we could trade off some of the extremes and all live comfortably somewhere in the middle?

    I think that's great about T-Jay. Obviously he has a lot of talent to get artists to pick up his music.

  5. Gypsy....Malbytewares find viruses and trojan. Spybot finds spy ware. My computer was clean. :)

    If we could live in the middle, I wonder where it would be?

    I love T-Jays creations especially while they are still instrumentals. I listen to them all the time.


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