Family Get Together At Cici’s

Just look at all the Scions….


Aaron and his xA


Cindy’s xB 2nd Gen


Heather’s xB 2nd Gen


Jesse’s xB 1st Gen


Tony’s xB 1st Gen


Joe’s tC


Leah’s xB 2nd Gen


Jeremy’s xB 1st Gen


Teya’s xA


Mikey’s tC.  Poor Mikey and Carrie got there earlier, but left because he had forgotten his wallet.  We saw him driving through the lot and were all thinking, WFT??  When he finally got back, we were on our way out.  Sorry Mikey!  You should have told us!


Standing around in the rain, talking and waiting on Leah and Jeremy.


Jesse, Kenny and Aaron


Of course when Leah got there, we had to pick on her for not naming her baby yet.


We had to move furniture when we got inside at Cici’s.  We were glad that they were not too packed today and we could all sit together.  From the left Tony hiding from my camera, Heather, Leah, Teya, the kids, Kenny, Joe, Ella, and Aaron.


From the left Elaine, Jeremy, Cyndi, Joe, Ella…..damn, it was impossible to get everyone in one shot because they kept on leaving to refill their plates!!


Leah actually put something green on her plate. :)  Ha, no wonder the photo came out blurry.


Jeremy trying to hide from my camera. 


Tony and I tried to get him later


Yes, this is macaroni and cheese pizza.


Chris made it in late


LOL…Ella’s hand, Jeremy, Tony, Jesse, and Heather……ha, gotcha, Jeremy :)


Ella, Chris, Jeremy, Tony and Jesse



Time to go :(

Good times :)  We all agreed that we need to get together more often.  It’s been way to long and I had forgotten how much fun it is.  Love you all and thank you so much for for coming out :)  I hope that you all made it home safely.

LOL…..By the way… time we go to Cici’s we need to bring a  screwdriver to remove the damn cow bell that hangs at the exit door that every child has to ring a gazillion times before leaving and a universal remote so that we can turn the TVs down.


  1. I LOVE Joe's tC...gorgeous. Where was the evil twin?

    It looks like you had a great time. I have to say I have NEVER seen a macaroni and cheese pizza. I could feel my arteries shutting down just looking at it...LOL.

  2. What a great get together that looks! Reminds me of my days when I ran Bobby Vee's fan club and we'd all get together and just hang out. Ah those were the days.

    Great set of photos.

  3. Ok, was tolerant of Hawaiian pizza,and I was somewhat disgruntled with Mexican pizza, but I really have to draw the line at mac and cheese pizza. It's just unnatural.

  4. come on guy! wheres your adventurous side with the pizza?

    looks like you had a GREAT time tango! thanks for all the pictures :)

  5. Gypsy...Yes, Joe's tC is gorgeous. If the weather would have been better, I would have taken some photos of inside, it's beautiful.
    I had never heard of macaroni pizza either. I was afraid to try it.
    The Evil Twin was parked behind Cyndi's red xB.

    Joe....we used to get together once a week, but it seems that our lives have gotten in the way lately.

    Guy....they also had apple crisp pizza. It was delicious :)

    Selkie...Great times for sure :) Took damn near 10 minutes to upload with all those photos.


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