For all you golf fans out there :)

Long Monday. This new company that I'm dealing with wants a hell of a lot of paperwork. I had to scan and e-mail the application and independent contractor's agreement and then mail out all the hard copies. Hopefully I'll be set up with them in a couple of days.

Tonight I had issues with printing a PDF. It was the weirdest thing. When I opened it at work if came up as a blank page. The same thing happened when I got home. I called my client and they re-sent it as a Word document so that I could print it out. I could see the PDF fine in my Blackberry. Bizarre...wonder what was up with that? The same thing happened one day last week.

I found a company that might be able to fix my printer. I'll be hauling off the Canon to them tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be worth it to get it fixed.

Kenny's wife Cyndi is now part of our Scion Evolution family. I'll be sending in her application tomorrow. Welcome to the family, Cyndi :)

Two other family members are getting ready to tie the knot. It seems like they have been together forever and it's about time. Congratulations to you both, Chris and Candice. I hope you two have a long happy life together!! :)

Time to get off of here. My week seems to be starting early. My first car chases have come in already, so it's off to bed so that I can get up early and catch some of these people before they start to move around. :)


  1. Heh, I'm so stealing your cartoon!!!

  2. LOL...please be my guest. :)

  3. My 8 year-old son just happened to walk by when I was looking at your cartoon. I think he wants to frame it and put it in his room. Love it!!


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