I was going to post a photo of my toe, but I'll let you all imagine the grossness of it.

I left work early last night because to the throbbing pain. I thought I was going to have to cut my boot off, it was so painful to remove it. I took a Trammadol and went to sleep. Got up at 2 AM and took another Trammadol to get back to sleep.

The doctor told me to leave the dressing on for two days, so I removed it about an hour ago. I tell you....it's not pretty! It's bloody and swollen. I called the doctor and he told me to soak it in cold water with some Epsom Salt.

The bastard!!! If I would have known how I was going to be doing afterward, I would have waited until I could take some time off so that I could heal in peace. I called in and won't be going to work tonight...not that I can afford to take time of.

I guess it's lucky or unlucky that my vacation days start tomorrow.

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