I managed to get out of my front yard without getting stuck yesterday. I'm so glad that I'm not one of those women that doesn't do "reverse" :)

Now I remember why I don't like to do inspections in the late afternoon. I left at 3 PM and got home after 7 PM. It should have only taken me 2 hours, but because of the traffic, it took twice as long.

While I was waiting in traffic I got a call from one of my clients to perform an inspection after 5 PM in Woodbridge. :(

I stopped by my UPS store yesterday and got my first piece of odd junk mail. I was accepted by a company a couple of months ago to be paid for logging in my junk mail. I received two large envelopes with nothing but blank sheets of paper in it....so I'm assuming that it's test junk mail from that company. This means that I will have to check my mail daily. I'll just make it a part of my inspection route.

My big toe is leaving me alone today....so far. Yesterday was not too bad with my boots on, though I was glad to take them off when I got in.

Remember this photo?

I had to pass that church on the way to the UPS store yesterday. I pulled into the church to ask someone if they knew about the misspelled word. As I was looking at it again, I read the whole message for the first time and it hit me. The mission of the message was accomplished. I just didn't see it because I'm so anal about misspelled words, which is probably due to walking around with a German/English Langenscheidt's dictionary for years when I was a kid.

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