Happy Monday :)

I left my phone upgrading when I went to bed last night. The download had already been going for 45 minutes. I guess it took a couple of hours.

The Storm does seem to be a bit faster. I'll find out more when I get off of the internet.

This morning was the dreaded "Getting on the scale" day. I've lost another 5 pounds since last week. That makes a total of 64 pounds lost since last August.

Another thing that I've noticed is that my cuticles have healed up. I used to pick on them when they got dry and ragged. The 5-HTP must also be de-stressing me?

T-Jay has also started taking them. He was in great spirits when I saw him on Friday. I don't know if it's due to the 5-HTP or if he was just having an incredibly great day. I'm hoping that I will see him like this more often!

Silly was curled up under the covers behind my knees all night last night. I had left the windows open and didn't have the heater set to kick on. LOL...I feel so used!!!

Time to open the mail and pay the bills. Then off to find cheaper car insurance.

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