Above are a few photos of the Scion Evolution 5th Year Anniversary this past weekend. I'm sure sorry that I missed it. I can't wait until the rest of the pictures are up.

On the way home yesterday I stopped by my Mom's to catch up on her vacation in Germany and check out all the pictures she took. She said that the Germans look just like many Americans now. Almost everyone is overweight. People eat too many ready to eat foods. Lots of fried potatoes etc and hardly any vegetables or fruits. She managed to only gain only two pounds on her trip. You go Mom!!!!

I came home with a wooden flower stand that Mom had in her garage. It's perfect for the extra monitor and now I have my table space back.

The sign at the church is still misspelled and it's getting on my last nerve. Next time I pass by there, I'll have to stop by and tell someone. :)

I'm taking on another gig that I can do in my inspection down time, which is usually on Monday and Tuesdays. It's site linking. I'm going to start on it today. I've never done this before, so there will be a learning curve involved until I get the hang of it.

I've got an appointment at the foot doctor this morning to hopefully have an ingrown toenail removed. Driving will be interesting especially since this time it will be on my gas/brake foot.

I was supposed to be in vacation this past weekend, but due to a screw-up with one hand not knowing what the other is doing, it has been postponed to start on this Thursday.

Monday weight-in....I'm now down 21 pounds. Woohoo!!! :)
....and I still feel great!!


  1. Lots of news! And maybe we can get together after all...I'm not sure about Saturday and Casino night yet...

  2. I hope so! ....and I hope that you can come to Casino night. It's still a ways away.


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