Awesome Tuesday

I just finished a report for my new client. It's been an hour and I haven't heard anything, so I guess I did okay.

I sure hope that I can get faster with this type of inspection or else it won't be worth my time. Of course it didn't help that I took 158 pictures instead of the 12 needed. Then I had to decide which pictures to upload, which took me for ever. Oh well...learning curve!

Last night I thought I was going to get teased to death over my short hair cut, but everything went well. The only one that had anything negative to say was my boss: "what did you do to your hair??" He's always just full of negativity. He must be a very unhappy man, I feel sorry for him.

I had two inspections this morning, one of them was in Stafford. LOL...I had no idea Stafford was so big. I ended up almost in Fredericksburg and stopped at a station to ask for directions. When I came out and started the Evil Twin, all the dash warning lights came on and stayed on for the next 10 miles. When I got to my destination I cut her off and when I started her again, all the lights were gone. Everything was back to normal. She must have had a hiccup?

I'm going to print up the paperwork for the next big inspection that I have tomorrow. Hopefully this one will go faster. Then I'll wait on what car chases come in tonight. I'll try to knock everything out tomorrow.

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