Sometimes Less is More

I went to perform an inspection in a really run down neighborhood this morning.

It was kind of weird when I arrived. I must have sat in my car for a good 10 minutes remembering the last time I was in a neighborhood like this.

It was at a time in the 80's when I didn't own a pot to piss in. One time I stayed with friends in their house that had a dirt floor. They rented the house. The floors had rotted out and the landlord refused to fix them. The renters didn't have the money to do it themselves or to move to a better place.

I remember that we had some of the best times then.

It's strange how sometimes the more "stuff" and money we have the more stressed out and less happy we are.

It seems that many times it is easier to be happy when you don't own a pot to piss in.

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  1. I've rolled back my life style greatly and I may even roll it back some more.


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