Whip-poor-will 07/30/2009


I listened to the sound of the Whip-poor-will (is that REALLY the name of this bird??) on Guy's Blog and my pussy almost jumped out of her drawers, if she wore them. She was going all around the house looking to see what was making that sound and finally parked herself in front of the computer speakers.

I remember hearing that sound before, but I can't remember where it was. LOL...Maybe if I could smell it I would remember it?


I finished both inspections even found the car that I was looking for! 

The business inspection was really strange. The house was way out in the sticks off of a gravel road. There was so much stuff piled up next to the house that I couldn't find a front door to knock on. 

I looked through the window and the inside was piled up with STUFF wall to wall, floor to ceiling. 

Being used to my little and organized home, it scared the shit out of me. As you can tell, I don't deal with clutter very well. I wonder if this is some kind of phobia and does it have a name?

Printing in Red 07/22/209

I'm fighting my printer this morning. Rat Bastard!! (thanks Guy)

It's only printing red now so I decided to print up a huge batch of envelopes for work while I can.

I guess I will copy and paste anything that I need to print in Word and then change all the info to red. Rat Bastard!


I'm getting ready to do a commercial inspection. I think I will make a dry-run and see where this is at. It doesn't look like a commercial area from the info I have found on the company.

Yep, sure enough, it's a single family home. I have 4 different phone numbers and none are getting answered.
I'll save my fuel and keep calling.

Ha, finally got a call back. Turns out it went out of business in April. Tomorrow I'll drive over there, take pictures of the house, upload them and a report with explanation, and collect 60 bucks. Live is good! :)


Zucchini Soup 07/21/2009

I stopped by the little veggie stand to get another Zucchini yesterday. I see they bolted down the cash box this time. I wonder when they will have some tomatoes.


I'm making another batch of Zucchini soup. Zucchini, a little bit of water, a spoon full of beef or chicken bouillon. Put that in a pot and bring to a boil. Let it cool, add a spoon full of curry and then put it all in a blender. Can be eaten hot or cold.


I owe an apology to all the knee high crew sock makers. For years I've been buying them and for years I've been cursing them out for mislabeling them as "knee highs". I was always wondering how in the hell they could ALL label them as knee highs when they would only go half way up my calf. WFT?? How could they all make this mistake??

Well, since I've lost all this weight, it seems that they now all go up to my knees. :)

Sorry! :(


I've noticed that many people that I know remember things by sight. Something they see makes them go back to memory lane.

I remember things by smells.

Last night on the way home I caught the scent of a man's cologne. LOL...don't ask me how that's possible driving 60 miles an hour, but I did. Immediately my mind went back in times gone by. I don't even remember downshifting the car at the one bad curve half way home.

One of the managers at work uses this hand sanitizer that smells like cheap, rut gut, Gorden's Vodka. It makes me remember my parents bedroom in the morning after a night of heavy drinking and me trying to get to sleep over all the partying noises that night before.

I have a feeling that I would forget a whole lot of things if I ever lose my sense of smell.

Silly's Bath 07/20/2009

So I never got around to doing laundry yesterday, but bathed my pussy instead.
It had been a month and she needed it. I can tell from the hair. It's not as soft as it usually is. I know she's supposed to be "self-cleaning" and she cleans herself all the time, but being a Cornish Rex, she needs her bath.
I remember the first time. I was so scared that she was going to scratch or bite me, but Teri taught her well.
She doesn't exactly like it and carries on like someone is committing murder on her, but she puts up with it. No scratching or biting even when I wash between her tiny little toes and get water all in her face. Afterward, she will spend a good hour cleaning the wet off of her.
I'll let her be for a while until she's finished, then I clean her ears and clip her nails.
Now.....my pussy is squeaky clean, yeah!!! :)

Little Sis made the Blogs 07/19/2009

I finished two car chases last night after I got off at Miller's. I was going to do them today along with two others, but I was asked to help out at the dealership today. So I'll do the other two this morning and then work at the dealership from noon until 5 PM. Then I've got to work in some time at the laundry mat. It's going to be a long day.

At least the weather will be awesome. Right now it's a lovely 57 degrees and only supposed to get up to 81.

It's so chilly that Silly has dug herself under the covers of my bed.


I found a nice article about my middle sister Toni on CDLjobs.com Trucking Jobs Blog:

May 20, 2009
CalArk Driver Named Arkansas Trucking Association's Driver Of The Year

Little Rock, AR. -- Toni Chandler (Antje Luitjens) was named Arkansas Trucking Association’s 2008 Driver of the Year on May 15th 2009 at the Hot Springs Convention Center in Hot Springs Arkansas. Chandler and her husband, Leslie Paugh live in Benton, AR. She joined CalArk on December 19, 1995 and has logged over 1.8 million safe miles with CalArk with no accidents, no moving violations and 100% on time delivery. 

CalArk Toni Chandler Her story is truly an example of achieving the American dream. In July 1968, Chandler boarded an ocean liner in Hamburg, West Germany with her mother and two sisters to travel to the United States to meet her father. Her family settled in Fairfax, VA where her father worked for a Mercedes dealership as a master automotive technician. Through her close relationship with her father, she learned to repair small gasoline engines and a myriad of other automotive preventive maintenance procedures. When old enough to drive, Chandler immediately obtained her driving license, and began to explore the State of Virginia. This led to her fondness for over-the-road travel. 

Chandler served honorably in the United States Navy from 1980 to 1992 where she achieved the rank of Petty Officer First Class (E-6). While in the Navy, she was assigned to the Navy Material Transportation Office Command and trained in a variety of transportation, air passenger and cargo handling procedures. In addition, she obtained licenses to operate forklifts up to 10 ton and K-loaders for loading aircraft. Chandler was a member of the first contingent of female sailors stationed aboard the USS Emory S. Land, a submarine repair ship, operating out of Norfolk, VA. While assigned there, she worked in various supply administrative positions. After leaving the Navy, she worked as a certified armed security officer and later as the State Certified Compliance Officer for a Norfolk, VA security company. This stationary job left her with a desire to look for employment in a field that included traveling around the country.

In 1982, while stationed on the USS Emory S. Land, Chandler met her future husband, Leslie, Paugh. Paugh served with the United States Navy from 1970 to 1993 when he was honorably retired as a Chief Petty Officer (E-7). Paugh also came from a family who loved to travel. His great grandmother traveled from the East Coast of America to Alaska and back to the Midwest, and his grandmother traveled by mule, horse, covered wagon, stagecoach, boat, car, bus, train, propeller driven airplane and finally a jet. In the 1940’s and 1950’s, his grandfather drove automotive transports and his father hauled lumber. 

Paugh’s family history sparked Chandler’s interest in learning to drive a commercial-motor-vehicle so that she could pursue her goal of traveling across the United States. Her husband fully supported her career move and joined her in July 1996. He acts as her trip planner, navigator and permanent support team member.

To obtain her CDL, Chandler attended Tri-State Driving School in Middletown, OH in 1995. She drove briefly for a carrier that went out of business before reading about CalArk in a trucking magazine and submitting her application. From her hire date, Chandler and Paugh have been valued members of “Team CalArk”. In addition to her driving duties, Chandler has volunteered to assist with CalArk’s border crossing program to create procedures and sample forms to assist other drivers. Chandler has trained and mentored newly hired drivers in a wide range of functions where additional instruction was required. She was featured with four other drivers on the cover of the Arkansas Trucking Report, August 2006 edition and in an article “The Road Is Calling”.

Chandler and Paugh are admired by CalArk’s Management Team and fellow employees for their professionalism and desire to give their very best in all endeavors. CalArk was honored to have Toni Chandler as their representative for the Arkansas Association Driver of the year for 2008.

Toni is pictured in the center next to her husband Les in the striped shirt.

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